World’s Greatist Dad. To Infinity and Beyond.

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Yesterday, my husband built an obstacle course in our house so that Bren could have some fun indoors on a rainy day. He regularly pack and rolls the soon to be three year old to play dates, museum and zoo excursions and adventures in the city.

If you’ve not had the pleasure of spending a lot of time herding a toddler, you may not realize how much work this is–it’s a lot. At any moment, you may need to be:

  • A teacher, for right and wrong and A-B-Cs
  • An athlete dashing after him
  • A nurse soothing cuts and bumps
  • A counselor explaining hurt feelings and frustration
  • A mind reader, trying to figure out what the kid is asking for when he can’t find his words.

It’s a varied role to play and when you do it all day, every day, it’s exhausting. Many mom’s already know this. My husband does this every day, and he does it well. I wish I could stay home with my son, but I’m so glad it’s him if it can’t be me. In fact, I think he may do it better than I could.

My son, laughing, and singing is evidence. So, this post is a few days late. But I wanted to take some time and tell you about my amazing husband. About how he chooses to be a father. We play different roles than our parents, or their parent. I leave the house each morning with a kiss and a see you later alligator. And Bren is happy, happy he gets to spend the day with his Papa.

And for that, I feel so very blessed and thankful. I knew I married a good looking man. Smart, yes. Funny, as hell. Resourceful. And now I also know, I married a very good, may haps the best, parent.

P.S. Did I mention he’s learning how to cook? And helps keep the house orderly? I know, I’m a lucky woman.

4 thoughts on “World’s Greatist Dad. To Infinity and Beyond.

  1. He is amazing and you and my little grandson are so lucky to have him. Love you, Chris thank you SO MUCH for all you do to make my little girls life so special. All of us are better for having you in our lives.

  2. Chris is the BEST! Which is good, because you are quite fabulous yourself, Syd. Deserving of nothing less. Bren is a lucky guy to have you two as his parents!

    Meanwhile, if Chris hasn’t found them already, there is a whole community of blogger dads in NYC who have activities all the time for dads & their kids. May be a great resource – let me know if you want details! I met them at the Dad 2.0 conference and I have to admit it all sounded like such fun I was jealous I didn’t live in NYC and that I wasn’t a stay-at-home dad!
    Christine´s last blog post ..Taking It On The Road…

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