Bigsky Lonestar Moves to the Big Apple

Buildings In NYC

In the fall of 2001, I was working in my first job as a web designer. I was trying to transition my career from communications to design and development. Some of you may recall, that was a season of great turmoil–attacks on our country, a resulting recession, and massive layoffs. By the spring of 2002, the US was going to war and I had been unemployed for over three months.

I applied for a new job every week during that time, and in February, I learned of a temporary 12 week contract writing for IBM. I was reluctant, still hopeful that I could maintain my career transition to web designer. But after 3 months without a job, a girl’s gotta negotiate with hope and trust what fate has put in front of her.

More than ten years later, today is my last day.

Though projects, managers, and even departments have changed over the years, a three month contract transformed into a decade of interesting and challenging assignments. All which, while not exactly web development, have allowed me to expand my expertise in something much closer to what I actually want to do, which is be involved with the Internet and digital communication. I’m moving on to a position facilitating design, user experience, content strategy, metrics, information architecture and web development.

I’m also moving back into the office after 6 or 7 years as a remote employee out of my home office. On top of that, the office is in New York City. Which means a transcontinental move for the Bigsky Lonestar family. Chris is leaving his job and for the time being will be focusing on the incredibly challenging job of running a household and keeping up with our 2 year old.

We are both excited about the potentials and possibilities offered by New York City. Got to go for now, I’m in the process of shaking of the detritus of several living in one place. Plans are for labor day in NYC see you there.

2 thoughts on “Bigsky Lonestar Moves to the Big Apple

  1. Madam Pants, I’ve been dying to talk to you. I hear you may be there over Thanksgiving. I hope I can see you then.

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