A Saturday in Seattle

This weekend we decided to jaunt down to Seattle to see what we could see. I persuaded Chris to go downtown with me to visit Sephora and when we arrived we found hoards of people rallying for healthcare. Half of the crowd was for nationwide coverage with government assistance. The other half was decidedly not for government involvement with healthcare.

The tension was thick. I ducked into Sephora, got my new supply of perfume and we left promptly. The crowd was interesting, but the tension was overwhelming. I believe the real answer to the healthcare riddle was not in the crowd that day.

We left and headed for the university district, which was much more peaceful. I’d read about a confections shop at not Martha.org and wanted to check it out. It was a sweet little place that had just opened. I hope they do well. We also got a chance to check out a comic book game store and picked up Settler’s of Catan, which we’ve been wanting for some time.

From street rallies to sweets, it was a beautiful day and wonderful way to spend a Saturday.

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